Prebooks can be created through three different screens: the most common one is the "Add Prebook" screen, the second one would be through the E-commerce portal and last would be through an Excel file. You just have to fill in the proper information and upload the template to generate the Prebook.


If you want to start using this feature, please follow the instructions below:

Go to Prebooks & SO's > Prebook Summary.

 Click on the Actions button and then click on "Add Prebook from Excel File".

The system will take you to the "Create Prebooks from Excel" screen. This screen will allow you to download the template format to upload the Prebooks. To download the template, click on the "here" link located above the dotted line. On the right side, you will see the instructions on what each column should have. You can download the template from here



For Multi-Location companies, there's the option to enter the Location Code. It will appear in the Excel file.This code is required to assign the Prebooks to that specific Location. 

Once your template is completed, save the file and then drag it to the dotted section or click on the dotted line to upload the file.

When the file is successfully uploaded, the system will create the Prebook using the information on the XLS file. Keep in mind that this process can take a few minutes to be completed. In case the file is not uploaded, you will receive an email notifying the errors. 




For you to verify the Prebooks were created, go to the Prebook Summary tab and verify the last Prebook created has the information you entered.