Komet allows you to include Hard Goods in your orders.


To do so, please follow the next steps

Go to Order Entry > Add Order and select the customer.

 Choose the ship date and carrier to continue with the order.

Click on the Add Items button to open the inventory. 

 Click on the Hard Goods tab to add these items to the order.

 Search the hard good's item needed, double click on the line or click on the Add link located under the Actions column to add. 

Type in the quantity and confirm the Unit Price, then click on Add. The GPM for hard goods will be calculated, taking into account the landed cost and unit price entered.

The line will be added to the order under the "Hard Goods" section. Notice you will be able to edit the price of the product line directly from the grid without having to click on Edit, in the Actions column.

In some cases, a box type might be associated with hard goods. In this case, the system will automatically add the hard goods to the invoice when a product with the associated box type is added to an order . For further information, please read Associating Hard Goods to a Box Type and Hard Goods Setup section.

Navigating with the Keyboard

Notice that you can navigate within the Hard Goods grid with your keyboard:

  • Go up/down within the rows: ↑ ↓
  • Navigate between the fields of a single row: Enter key
  • Go back: Shift + Tab

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Admin, Sales, Sales Manager, Cashier, Allocations.

Review Hard Goods Details

Once the hard goods have been added to an invoice, you will be able to review the details from the Add Order screen. Notice that the system displays  the Ref #, SKU code, Packs Size, Discount , quantities, Price, etc.