Carriers can be easily added in Komet Sales. Other options are also available to help manage the carriers.

Instructions to Add Carriers

Follow the following instructions to add a new Carrier:

Go to "Setup > Carriers".

 Click on the "Add Carrier" button.

Enter the Carrier name and Code (mandatory fields). The Carrier name should have more than 3 characters in order to facilitate its search in the system.

 Enter the additional information needed, these fields are not mandatory.

 Click on Save.

Editing Carriers

Go to "Setup > Carriers".

 Click on Edit under the actions column.

 The window to Add-Edit Carrier Information will pop up, edit the information needed and click on Save.

Carries for Companies with Multiple Locations

When managing different locations, the process is the same. Once the carrier is added to the system, the carrier needs to be associated to the location needed. To do this: 

Go to Setup >> Locations, search the needed location.

 Under the "Actions" column click on "Carriers".

 The system will display the list of carriers in the system.

To associate the carrier to the location go under the "Actions" column and click on the "Not Associated" link and save. 

Once set up, the carrier information will be visible when printing the BOL for Single and Consolidated shipments from the Shipping tab under the Actions button.