Komet allows for the customer to create mixed boxes with multiple products for one or more boxes on the E-commerce platform.

The products from which customers can choose to build mixed boxes will be those in the Vendor Availability list. In order for the customer to use this option, the Vendor Availability feature must be enabled.


Follow these steps:

Go to www.kometsales.com and click on the "Login" button on the upper right-hand corner.

Enter the username and password and click on Login.

Enter the shipping information by choosing a "Ship Date" and "Carrier", unless it was automatically set for you.

Click on the Mixed Boxes button. If a product has a lock, by hovering your mouse over the lock it will display a message of the information that is missing in order to purchase the item. This all depends on the settings and options set up for the product.

Under the "Purchase Bunches" column enter the quantity that is going to be purchased. Click on "Add" under the Actions column.

Once the product has been added, these will be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. When the "Percentage of box filled" bar is red it means the box hasn't been completed entirely. When the bar turns green it means the box is filled.

You can remove the item if needed by clicking on the "Remove" link under the Actions column. Keep in mind that when you remove the product this will still display in Your Cart with Boxes, Units/BoxUnit Price and Total in 0. The user has to remove the line item entirely from the order.

Once the items are added to the order, these will appear in Your Cart. Click on View Cart.

The Shopping Cart window will pop up showing you the products purchased. Here you can "Remove" or "Edit" the line item.

Click on Checkout if done purchasing.