Komet will allow users to manage everything related to AWB invoices/charges in one tab, such as Freight, Handling and Duties charges.

This screen will allow users to upload invoices and to easily identify those AWBs that are missing vendor invoices or invoices that are pending to be approved/synchronized and to mark them as Complete. This process will also let you see the difference between the Estimated Charges and the Real Charges for freight, handling, and duties. 


Once the new AWB freight charges are applied, the system re-calculates the per unit landed cost of all the products that are in the Staging Area, Inventory or already invoiced , regardless whether the product is in units or boxes.

AWB Reconciliation Summary Screen

Users will have a summary screen to review their AWB's and check if they have an invoice and the status of that invoice on the system. The following is an explanation of the columns that can be seen on this screen:

  • AWB: The AWB number assigned to that shipment. 
  • Ship Date: the date that the product was sent from the vendor.
  • Arrival Date: the date that the product arrives at the warehouse.
  • Origin: This is the port where the product was shipped from.
  • Total Cost: Combined total freight, handling and duties cost. 
  • Boxes: Total boxes shipped on that AWB.
  • FBE: Full box equivalence of boxes column.
  • Freight, Handling, and Duties: Here, the user will see the status for each of these charge types. There are 5 statuses: Pending Approval, Approved, Send to External System, Synchronized, and Failed.
  • Process: This option is used to mark the AWB as Completed; there is also the option to unmark the AWB as "Not Completed".

To set the real AWB costs please go to How to set the real AWB cost in the system?

AWB Cost Status

As the AWB costs are entered with the corresponding invoices, you can check the status of each cost from the AWB reconciliation screen. The gray icon means the invoice is pending approval while the green means it is already approved.


If your vendor has a different currency, please read Multicurrency Option on AWB Reconciliation.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Accounts Payable.